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Loads and Vehicles 

Q: Do I have to pay to add an empty vehicle or a load to the system? 
A: No!,  adding loads and vehicles to the system is absolutely free to everybody.  All you need to do is regster as a free basic member so you can be contacted by interested members about your postings. 

Q: I dont own a haulage or freight company but just have a one off load to move, can I use the service
A: Yes! Anybody can use the service.  Simply register as a free basic member and add the details of your load to the database.  Once added you will receive quotes from interested hauliers. 

Q: I would like to post a load/vehicle but it says I need to register. Why? 
A: To post loads or vehicles you need a basic member.  All you need is an email address, password and postcode and you are ready to use the service. This is to ensure that you can be contacted about your postings. 

Q: How do I list a load or vehicle? 
A: There are various ways to list loads or vehicles.  The easiest way is to use the buttons provided on the welcome page.  Alternatively you can use your admin panel to add/edit your loads and vehicles. You must be logged in to post loads/vehicles.  

Q: I have listed ongoing loads but they are appearing at the bottom of the database when I would like a more prominent position, why is this? 
A: As time goes by your listings will be pushed further down the database by new loads as they are added.  Periodically it is a good idea to hit the "relist" button in order to push your listings to the top of the database. 


Q: I am trying to register as a full member.  I have entered my card details and a message came up saying that the payment was declined, even though I know I have sufficient funds, why is this? 
A: Details must be entered EXACTLY as they appear on the card in order for the secure server to accept it. 

Q: I entered my details to register as a basic member and when clicking proceed nothing happened, why is this? 
A: Please ensure that cookies are enabled by going to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Privacy, then select "medium high setting" and retry.  

Q: Do I have to pay to use 
A: It is free to view available loads and vehicles and also to post a load or vehicle.  However in order to contact a person regarding a load/vehicle you need to be a full member which is £5/month inc VAT or £50/year inc VAT.  

User Admin Panel 

Q: How do I change my password? 
A: Log into your account using your existing password.  When logged in use your user admin panel to edit your details.

Q: How do I upgrade from basic membership to full membership?
A: To upgrade simply upgrade via “Edit Your Details” on the user admin panel.  Note: You must be logged in as a  basic member to do this. 

Q: I want to keep a load/vehicle saved in my admin panel but do not want it visible on the site for a week or so, how do I do this? 
A: Click "Edit Your Loads or Vehicles" scroll down to the bottom of the screen and uncheck the box that says "Show on Site?" 


Q: What if I don’t want to receive emails from
A: Email opt-in is entirely up to the user.  However, it is highly recommend that you receive emails as they contain important information about the service. If you havent opted for email but wish to in the future check the box in "edit your details" 

Q: I have opted in to receive email but have not received any yet?
A: When registering you should receive a confirmation email with your username and password.  If this is not the case please check your spam filters have not put the email into a folder other than your inbox.  It is recommended that you add to your list of trusted addresses/whitelist. 

Payment Terms for Work Done

Q: I have registered as a full member with and am interested in some of the work advertised, what are the payment terms and conditions? 
A: Payment terms must be negotiated between the haulier and the load poster. has no involvement in payment terms. If the load is listed by a haulier/freight forwarder etc they will already have a rate in mind.  However, if the load is listed by a private individual they will require you to provide a quote.  It is upto the haulier to check the companies credentials.


Q: Does offer a call centre facility? 
A: You can contact us by phone to list loads/vehicles, however enquiries about loads/vehicles present on the system are not permitted. 
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