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Comments and Suggestions 

In a continual effort to improve our service we invite our users to comment on the site and to suggest ways in which we can improve our service.  All suggestions are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to make a comment/suggestion to us please click here   

New Filter Feature
We have added a new filter feature to the 'Available Loads' and 'Available Vehicles' databases. This will allow users to select loads and vehicles according to the region or country they are available in. This will help speed up locating loads and will also prevent loads and vehicles from being pushed to the bottom of the database by new listings.
Picture Upload 

We now have added a picture upload facility to the Warehousing and Available vehicles section.
No contact details in pictures please.
Sales Marketplace  
You can now list as many Trucks, Plant, Machinery and Parts as you like under a free membership.
Buy and sell new & used Trucks advertised on our site.
Add Offered Storage